Thanks for checking out my checkers game! You can tab through the board starting at the top left corner and working your way first across the row, one row at a time. Each square on the board is labelled starting at a1 - a8 across and ending at H8. To pick up a piece and to place that piece down again, press any key.


Thanks for checking out my checkers game! Grab a friend, click the black piece you want to move, and click where you want to move it. That's it!

Player 1

Move Count = 0

Red Pieces Taken = 0

Player 2

Move Count = 0

Black Pieces Taken = 0

The game is over when one player cannot make any more moves.

This game is not designed to be played on small screens. Please try turning your device to landscape mode, zooming out, or try again on a screen at least 740px wide.